Growing up really did worry me, I worried that it would change me and the way I saw the world. I loved my childhood version of this universe – where there was magic to be found in something as simple as a winter sunset, a meteor shower or even the sound of rain thrumming on the window in the night. But you don’t have to let go of those things, and I didn’t. I celebrate them still and that’s what my work is all about. My writing, my photography – that continuation of bringing that enchanting & whimsical world of your childhood into adult life (not that I really feel like a grown-up yet…) It’s about celebrating this incredible island that I live on, the world beyond that too. How it’s fascinating & has a plethora of vibrant cultures across the continents with all these wondrous feats; from the aurora borealis and stooping mountains to the bizarre European folklores, how can we ever become bored and disinterested in this crazy and amazing world? So this is me, finding my place within it all, celebrating it, exploring it and yearning to make sense of it (although I’ve learned that sometimes you can’t make sense of everything).


Scatterbrained, Clumsy, is often known to frequent a glasshouse or two… maybe just a little bit too heavy on the Daydreaming… Oh you know, your usual millennial Creative type.

Hello dear reader. You’ve made it this far. That’s good. I guess you haven’t sighed and gone ‘Oh dear, here’s just another hipster with her self-indulgent blog sporting the latest OTTD and drinking fancy coffee’. Although, perhaps you wouldn’t be wrong if you were thinking those things – I do after all particularly treasure my quiet moments cradling a rich, black filter coffee between my palms. And I do really love indoor plants.

Something about this space has brought you here. I feel I owe you an explanation of the face behind the camera, the odd fleshy human thing that traps all these weird thoughts and imaginings inside but does her very best to set them free.

My name is Sarah. Nothing special or significant – pretty common actually if like me, you were born in 1991. At one point I must have had about 3 Sarah’s in my class. No cool and unusual names for me, thanks a lot parents. But maybe with a cool and uncommon name there comes an expectation to fulfil those ideals, to be cool and uncommon. That can be as heavy a burden to bear as that childhood need to fit in and be normal when you’re 9 years old, a not-yet-diagnosed ADD dyspraxic who is convinced fairies are real and isn’t sure sometimes about what was a dream and what was a memory.

If you haven’t guessed, that was my childhood. Never quite fitting in. Never quite getting why I couldn’t focus or care about what everyone else thought was important. Flitting from friend to friend but eventually being dismissed as ‘too strange’ or ‘too spacey’. I’ve been compared on more than one occasion to ‘Loony Lovegood’ although I’ve decided over time, that maybe that isn’t a bad thing. Nothing to me was more important than the Ocean and my place beside it. I wanted to write down the stories that I was always dreaming up in my head, I wanted to play forever in the rock pools, meadows, and woodlands that were plentiful in my home county. I wanted to dance among every stone circle, learn the names of the constellations and maybe find some sort of clue that Selkies were real. I had no intention of growing up.

But I did, because we have no choice in these matters.

I became more accepting of myself as I got older. It took a lot of work but I wasn’t prepared to change myself just to keep a select few social groups content that the balance of their carefully maintained social order was perfect. Eventually at college, kids stopped being absolute beasts to each other and gave everyone a break. I made real, incredible friends who inspired me, supported me and helped me to grow as a human. I still love those guys like mad, even if we don’t see each other for weeks ormonths while everyone is off on their travels, but those people have helped me in numerable ways I can’t begin to describe.