Hi there.

You probably know me as a photographer as that is what I work as mainly these days. What you might not know, is that I studied BA Creative Writing at University. At heart, I have always been above all, a writer. Photography was a means of storytelling for me, a visual way to express a narrative. I adore photography but when I’m not behind the lens, you’ll often find me sat in a cosy nook or cranny in a pub or coffee shop as close to the sea as possible dreaming up words.

I love to read too, although I don’t believe I read quite as much as I should. The genres that captivate me are surrealist fantasy & adventure although I have been known to enjoy a good dystopia, science fiction and a few literary novels. I also adore reading plays which compelled me to impulsively choose a playwriting module at Uni (with no previous experience) which I absolutely adored and wrote my first (slightly strange) play.

Mostly, I love to create sudden prose. I’m not sure what fascinates me so much about it, but it’s this idea of introducing a philosophy and evoking an emotional journey in as few a possible words. I love the fleeting sensation of these emotions that have bubbled to the surface and subsequently floated away like steam. I think I am mesmerised by the fleeting nature of all things in this world and although time moves quickly, it’s significant and beautiful nonetheless.

When I find the time, I’m also working on my first novel. Slowly and slightly unsurely. I won’t tell you anything other than it’s entitled ‘The Archipelago of Skye’ and it’s a YA portal fantasy and I wish I had far more time to devote to it than I do.

I also write a monthly article over at the Creative Countryside journal & sometimes for their seasonal magazine. I’m the Folklore editor and get to celebrate and share my love of the mysterious lore of this world.

Please do take a look around and enjoy the random combinations of words that I’ve thrown together in my bid to better understand myself, the world around me and celebrate my love of nature & the mysterious ocean.

Sudden Prose